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Whether you’re an independent sales agent or a part of a sales team for an independent sales organization (ISO) or an independent software vendor (ISV), you know that processing B2B payments can present challenges for even the most experienced merchant account providers. Finding the right partner to facilitate growth without sacrificing control and transparency is crucial for any successful ISO partnership or ISV partnership.

By joining forces with Transcend Pay to connect your customers to our state-of-the-art payment processing platform and services, you can boost your revenue with partnership benefits like on-going residuals, commissions, and buy rate programs. We provide our independent sales-enablement partners with sales support and assistance when it comes to pricing, training, and creating sales collateral for merchant account solutions. 

When it comes time for implementation, our Customer Service team can assist your merchants with account set-up and answer their questions at no additional charge, freeing up your time to focus on generating more sales.

Sales, ISO, & ISV Partnership Benefits

No geographical or territorial restrictions within the United States

No geographical or territorial restrictions within the United States

Our turnkey merchant account solutions are available in every state. We also work with tribal lenders to deliver B2B payments throughout North America.

No charge for sales and marketing materials

No charge for sales and marketing materials

We provide the resources you need to showcase our payment processing services, which allows you to focus purely on working opportunities and closing deals.

Comprehensive training and support

Comprehensive training and support

Your success is our success. Our team can share effective sales strategies and keep you up-to-date on the latest technologies driving our payment processing services and merchant account solutions.

Rest And Soap API

Transcend Pay API for ISOs and ISVs

Integrating a versatile payments gateway can add exponential value to your existing ISO and ISV platforms. Transcend Pay’s API allows your business to automate front and back end B2B payments through a streamlined, easy-to-use interface. We give you access to our sandbox environment, allowing your developers to implement code at their own pace with an efficient method of validating information.

Ready to use our API to integrate cutting edge payment processing into your current platform? Contact us today to find out how our ISO partnerships and ISV partnerships can help you transcend the competition.

Rest And Soap API
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