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We got our start in the software business, providing financial institutions with the tools and platforms that helped them connect their customers to the funding they needed to realize their goals. Over the years, we realized that many companies faced major challenges when it came to setting up merchant accounts and processing payments. For businesses classified as “high-risk” by traditional banks, even the options that were available to them came with high-reserve and escrow requirements as well as burdensome high-risk processing fees.

That’s why we decided to leverage our experience and banking relationships to bring cutting-edge payment processing technology to the businesses that need it most. Our exclusive and direct financial partnerships allowed us to build a dynamic network that could process payments faster and without reserve or escrow requirements. Because we understand that every business is different, we also designed a reliable merchant gateway solution that allows our customers to integrate payment processing capabilities into their existing operations as seamlessly as possible. From robust APIs to our innovative Tpay website integration, we have the flexibility to help our customers take complete control of their revenue stream.

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We deliver turnkey payment processing services for both low-risk and high-risk merchant accounts. Get paid faster with our innovative API and Tpay integrations.


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Transcend Pay has been helping businesses process payments more efficiently since October of 2018. Our founding team has 20+ years of experience in the payment processing industry.

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Transcend Pay is proudly based in the USA. We never outsource our customer service or technical support teams.

Transcend Pay is The Future Of Powerful Payment Processing

The Future of Merchant Payment Processing

At Transcend Pay, we’re dedicated to bringing your payment processing into the 21st century with cutting-edge technology built for today’s fast-paced economy. Your revenue is the lifeblood of your business. Don’t settle for outdated payment gateway solutions that make it harder for you to manage ACH payments, credit card processing, and eCheck payments. Our revolutionary software gives you versatile, streamlined payment processing capabilities with no-reserve or escrow requirements and no processing fees, even if you’re classified as a high-risk merchant account. 

Choose the Transcend Pay merchant gateway solution that best meets your operational needs to lift your business above the competition. Whether you’re accessing our payment processing services through our dedicated software platform, our powerful API, or our Tpay website integration, we keep the revenue flowing to help you maximize your business potential.

Transcend Pay is The Future Of Powerful Payment Processing
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